[Fan Gallery] Fan Gallery Expansion

Rev. 13-Mar-2002 gallery@scifiinc.org
These are our notes on people we'd like to add to the Fan Gallery.

If you would like to suggest someone to be included, please send e-mail to us at gallery@scifiinc.org.

If you have a photo of someone on our list, please write to us at gallery@scifiinc.org before sending your snapshot. If you have a digital photo to send us, they may be sent to pix@scifiinc.org. We prefer digital pictures of "megapixel" resolution or greater.

No expenses will be paid out or reimbursed without prior approval from the SCIFI Treasurer. Please don't spend anything "on spec."

If you mail us a 5x7, we may want to use it as-is. If you mail us a smaller snapshot (such as a 4x6), we may enlarge it at the corner drugstore magic photo machine - let us know if you want the snapshot back. Or if you like, you can ask for the "Photo CD" when you have your film developed, and we'll use that.

Our mailing address is: FAN GALLERY c/o BADEN, PO BOX 17522, Anaheim CA 92817-7522, USA. Unsolicited photos sent at your own risk. Sending us photos does not guarantee we'll use any of them. Please e-mail us first at gallery@scifiinc.org.