[Fan Gallery] Fan Gallery Expansion - List #1

Rev. 13-Jul-2009
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These are my notes on people we'd like to add to the Fan Gallery. Please send any suggestions for people you'd like to see included, to gallery@scifiinc.org.

Abbott, Michael (Mike) Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1996, 1998. We'd like a better photo. Cambridge, England UK
Ackroyd, Justin GUFF Winner 1984. MAFF nominee 1982. Chair: Tschaicon 1982 Australian S.F. Convention (and others). Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Ahonen, JohannaNoFF winner (2001, from Finland to Sweden)Finland
Amos, Cliff Chair: NorthAmericon `79 (1979 NASFiC). Rebel Award 1979. DeepSouthCon 13/RiverCon I (1975, Louisville KY) Louisville KY?
Andresen, EllenNoFF winner (2003, from Norway to Sweden)Norway
Ashby, Christine McGowan DUFF Winner 1976. Co-chairpersons: Eurekacon 1984 Australian S.F. Convention. Australia.
Asprin, Robert Westercon 35 (1982) goh [Special]. GoH: RustyCon 1 (1984). TM: Perpetual ConFusion (1986)Filk Hall of Fame 1995. GoH: Capcon, 1987 Australian S.F. Convention New Orleans LA area?
Atkins, Lon Chair: DeepSouthCon 4 (1966, Huntsville AL); FGoH: DeepSouthCon 20/ASFICon II (1982, Atlanta GA).Westercon 20 (1967) goh [Fan].Rebel Award 1982. Atlanta GA?
Austin, Alicia We'd like a better photo. (Photo on file by Chaz.) West Hills CA (L.A.)
Barker, Jim Fan Artist Hugo Nominee 1979. GoH: Albacon (1980 Eastercon). Falkirk Scotland UK
Barr, George Artist, Fan Artist Hugo 1968, Westercon 26 (1973) goh [Fan].FGoH: MidAmeriCon (1976 Worldcon).Artist GoH: LepreCon 8 (1982). San Jose CA (S.F. Area)
Barton, Alison NAFF 2003 WinnerAustralia
Bell, Harry Worldcon FGoH 1979, Fan Artist Hugo Nominee 1979. Rotsler Award 2004. Tyne & Wear, UK
Benford, Jim Original co-editor of VOID. he co-edited an excellent fanzine with his twin brother, Greg, who has sold a number of professional works; they both teach mathematics, albeit different mathematics, at the college level. We'd like a color photo. Lafayette CA
Bentley, Alice We'd like a better photo. IL?
Bergeron, Richard Fanzine Hugo 1962. Puerto Rico?
Berman, Ruth Fan Writer Hugo Nominee 1968. GoH: Minicon 6 (1972). We'd like another photo. Mpls. MN
Birkhead, Sheryl Fan Artist Hugo Nominee 2001. www Gaithersburg MD
Blarson, Blars WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. Room Parties, Worldcon bidder. Digital image on file. L.A. CA
Blyly, Don -- MN
Bobo, Scott Fan writer. Co-FGoH: ArmadilloCon 24 (2002). (Photo on file by Chaz) Atlanta GA? or TX?
Bosnyak, Mario TAFF Winner 1971. Germany.
Bounds, Ron Worldcon co-chair 1974. Special guest: TusCon 3 (1975). Loscon 2 (1976) Chair. Co-FGoH: TusCon 7 (1980). DC
Bowman, Jeanne TAFF Winner 1992. (Photo on file by Chaz) Glen Ellen CA (north of S.F. Bay Area)
Bradshaw, Bridget "Bug" WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. "Fan editor, stood for TAFF..." (Tom Becker) (Photos on file by Dallman, Docherty, and Hoare.) UK
Bright, Lyndie CUFF winner 2003. Winnipeg, Canada
Brown, Dena Amateur Magazine Hugo 1976, Fanzine Hugo 1978. Westercon 28 (1975) goh [Fan].co-FGoH: DeepSouthCon 15/B'hamacon (1977, Birmingham AL) 37 (1999, New Orleans LA) unknown. (divorced from Charles N.)
Bull, MartinNoFF winner Gudmunsen (2002, from Norway to Sweden)Norway
Bulmer, Ken TAFF Winner 1955. GoH: Thirdmancon (1968 Eastercon). UK
Burbee, Charles TAFF Past President of fwa, 1994. --
Cain, Steven WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. Plokta cabal member. England UK
Cardy, Tom FFANZ Winner 1983. NZ?
Carol, Avedon Added to Fan Gallery. We'd like a better photo. London UK
Carnival, Suzanne Worldcon co-chair 1981. Denver CO
Cazedessus, Camille Amateur Magazine Hugo 1966. GoH: Bubonicon 1 (1969). CO
Citrak, Michael WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. Chair: NorWesCon 17-20 (1994-'97). Has been the chair of Norwescon, Chair of NWSFS (Northwest Science Fiction Society) and a long standing fan in the northwest volunteering in various areas since the earliest years of convention fandom in the Seattle area. We have a photo, wouldn't mind another to choose from. Lacey WA (Seattle area)
Clarke, Arthur C. fanzine fan. First Fandom Hall of Fame, 2002. Sri Lanka.
Coulson, Juanita Fanzine Hugo 1965, Worldcon FGoH 1972. Fan GoH: Minicon 12 (1977).Co-GoH: WisCon 5 (1981).FGoH: ConClave 9 (1984). Co-FGoH: ConQuesT 16 (1985). Co-FGoH: Con*Stellation 10: Draco (1991).FGoH DeepSouthCon 36 36/B'hamacon IV (1998, Birmingham AL); Special Guest: ConClave 33 (1998).FF: Boskone 38 (2001)Filk Hall of Fame 1996. London OH "according to the forwarding notice we just received on her Minicon Progress Report"
Crosby, Shawn Conventioneer. Lux Radio Theater. Waiting for R2-dome on H-Wing car. L.A. CA
Cupitt, Cathy DUFF Winner 2000. Nedlands, W.A., Australia.
Curtis, Keith DUFF Winner 1980. Australia.
D'Ammassa, Don Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1977, 1985, Fan Writer Hugo Nominee 1976-1978, 1986. "He still writes a monthly column for Science Fiction Chronicle." (Curt Phillips) RI
Daugherty, Walter J. We have a photo, we'd like a better one. Santa Maria CA
Davis, Chan (Chandler) Worldcon FGoH 1989 (The Stranger Club) Toronto, Ontario Canada.
Drayton-Harold, Michelle (sp?) ("Cuddles") UK electrical Eggs person. UK
Easterbrook, Martin WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. Worldcon co-chair 1995. Digital image on file. Swindon UK
Edmonds, Leigh DUFF Winner 1974, Fan Writer Hugo Nominee 1985, Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1985. Ballarat, Vic, Australia.
Edwards, Malcolm Worldcon chair 1987. Doc Weir Award 1974. "Programme Chairman on the 1979 Worldcon, started out as Chair of the 1987 British Worldcon. Unfortunately he had to resign a month before the actual con, which is why Paul Oldroyd is now credited with the title." (Peter Weston, 03-Apr-2004) UK
Eisenberg, Lise Parties on Friday Night. (Photo on file by Chaz.) Flushing, Queens, NY
Eskola, KanervaNoFF winner (2003, from Finland to Sweden)Finland
Ewins, Paul FFANZ Winner 2000/2001. Australia.
Farber, Sharon Fan Writer Hugo Nominee 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997. Chattanooga TN
Farey, Nic britfan currently living in Maryland; Corflu GoH 2001. Chair of 2002 Corflu. St. Leonard MD (Wash. DC area)
Feder, Moshe Parties on Friday Night. (New photo on file by Chaz.) Flushing, Queens, NY
Ferris, Jeffrey Fanzine, Furry, YARF! Santa Clara CA (S.F. area)
Forman, Aileen -- (Photo on file by Chaz.) Yucaipa CA
Forman, Ken Corflu GoH 2000. (Photo on file by Chaz.) Yucaipa CA
Foss, Wolf WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. Took photo Oct. 2003. co-FGoH at Windycon. L.A. CA
Frost, Terry FFANZ Winner 1988, DUFF Winner 1998, MAFF nominee 1982. Melbourne, Australia.
Gallagher, Diana (Diana Gallagher Wu) WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. Special Award 1989. CA? MN?
Geis, Richard E. Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1968, Fanzine Hugo 1969, 1970, 1971, 1975, 1976, 1977... FGoH: OryCon 1 (1979) Portland OR or Seattle WA?
Goldstone, Lou Pacificon (1946 Worldcon) attendee. S.F. CA?
Goudriaan, Roelof GUFF Winner 1989. "(Dutch but honorary Irishman) ...produce(s) Albedo 1 a small press magazine." (sugg. David Stewart) Netherlands
Grant, Don Pacificon (1946 Worldcon) attendee. FL
Grennell, Dean -- Mission Viejo CA
Grigg, David Worldcon chair 1985. Melbourne, Australia.
Guidry, John H. Worldcon chair 1988. Rebel Award 1983; Rubble Award 1989. Co-Chair: DeepSouthCon 9/Pelicon (1971, New Orleans LA); Co-Chair: DeepSouthCon 11 (1973, New Orleans LA) New Orleans LA
Gunn, Ian (deceased) Artist, FFANZ Winner 1993, GUFF Winner 1995. We have a photo in the Fan Gallery but would like a better one. Australia
Hall, Mike CUFF Winner 1981. Edmonton Canada.
Halme, JukkaNoFF winner (2002, from Finland to Sweden). "for being Jukka Halme. (This will become more obvious when you have read my con report. But there is the Robert Jordan Caber Toss, whichyou may have seen me mention in the blog.)"(sugg. Cheryl Morgan) Finland
hanke-woods, joan ("delphyne") Fan Artist Hugo 1986. Art GoH/Fan GoH: Windycon 11 (1984). Chicago IL
Hansen, Rob TAFF Winner 1984. GoH: Contrivance (Eastercon 1989, Jersey). London, England UK
Harris, Colin co-chair Interaction (2005 Worldcon). "Colin Harris has been active on several con committees and is now on the 2005 Worldcon committee."(sugg. Peter Weston, 14-Apr-2004) photo on file by Peter Weston, Apr. 2004; another on file by Vincent Docherty. UK
Hauser, Eva GUFF Winner 1992. Czechoslovakia.
Hawkes, Emma NAFF 2002 Winner (second NAFF race)Australia
Heenan, Donna FFANZ Winner 1995. Melbourne, Australia.
Herman, Jack DUFF Winner 1984, MAFF nominee 1982. We'd like a color photo. Sydney?, NSW, Australia.
Hickman, Lynn (deceased) Room 770 party. ?
Hirsh, Irwin GUFF Winner 1987. Melbourne, Australia.
Hirsjärvi, Irma NoFF Winner 2004, from Finland. Irma was the chair of Finncon '04. "for bringing Finnish fandom to the attention of the rest of the world."(sugg. Cheryl Morgan)Finland
Holmberg, John-Henri Swedish fan, participant on TIMEBINDERS. GoH at Norwegian national convention Intercon in 2005. Sweden
Hooper, Andrew (Andy) WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1996, Fan Writer Hugo Nominee 1992-1998. "Has chaired a WisCon, co-chaired a Corflu, has done a lot of work on fan programs for Westercons, Worldcons and Corflus, and is well known for his quite excellent fannish plays that have been presented at Worldcons and Corflus." (Photos on file) Seattle WA
Horne, Linnette FFANZ Winner 1999. NZ
Howell, Brian FFANZ Winner 1989. NZ
Jason, Ben (deceased) Worldcon co-chair 1966. Detroit MI
Jeeves, Terry WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. Fan artist. Doc Weir Award 1965. We'd like another photo. UK
Jones, Marsha In Fan Gallery, would like a better photo taken. NY
Jones, Tim FFANZ Winner 1994. Wellington NZ
Kage, Manfred Worldcon chair 1970. Germany?
Katz, Arnie fanzines. We have a couple shot, but we'd like a good photo of just Arnie. Las Vegas NV
Kaveny, Roz -- England UK
Keiffer, Margaret Has attended all Midwestcons so far. WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. -- Cincinatti OH
Kemp, Earl Fanzine Hugo 1961, Worldcon chair 1962. We'd like a better picture. Arizona? near Bullhead City AZ?
Kettle, Leroy Fan Writer Hugo Nominee 1979. "Roy Kettle has faded from sight in the last few years, but along with Greg Pickersgill he was a major member of the early seventies 'Ratfandom' which revolutionised Britishfanzine fandomn, with his own fnz 'True Rat', and major contributions to many other titles of the time. An extremely funnyfan-writer, well respected for this. he was also on the committee of a couple of Eastercons and did Film programme at Seacon79." (Peter Weston, 03-Apr-2004) England UK
Kirk, Tim Artist, Fan Artist Hugo 1970, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1976. L.A. CA (works for Disney)
Koch, Irv (deceased 19-Nov-2005) conventioneer, Worldcon bidder. Chair: DeepSouthCon 22/Chattanooga DeepSouthCon (1984, Chattanooga TN) TN)Founder or co-founder of many southern cons, chair of Charlotte 2004 Worldcon bid, fanzine ed (WORLDS of MAYBE), Pres. of N3F. member SFPA, filker. Rebel Award 1970; Rubble Award 1990. Lithonia GA
Korshak, Erle (Weak-Eyes) Pacificon (1946 Worldcon) attendee. First Fandom Hall of Fame, 1996. Chicago IL? S.F. CA?
Kyger, Tim Worldcon chair 1978. TX
Lafreniere, Albert Chair: ConDiego (1990 NASFiC). San Diego CA?
Lewis, Albert Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1963. Evans-Freehafer Award 1959.Westercon 15 (1962) chair. L.A. CA (but long missing)
Lillian, Rosy WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. DUFF 2003. Rubble Award 2002. Co-FGoH: Con*Stellation 22 (2003). LA
Lisi, Victoria Poyser OA: Boskone 17 (1980). Fan Artist Hugo 1981, 1982.Art GoH: Windycon 10 (1983). Guest Artist: 1985 World Fantasy Convention.Artist GoH: Westercon 50 (1997). AGoH: Arisia 14 (2003). New Milford CT
Lundwall, Sam J "although now since long best known as a pro, was for many years Sweden's leading fan." (sugg. John-Henri Holmberg) Sweden
Lupoff, Pat Amateur Magazine Hugo 1963. We'd like a better photo. (Photo on file by Chaz) Berkeley CA (Bay Area)
Lupoff, Richard Amateur Magazine Hugo 1963. In Fan Gallery, but we'd like a better photo. (Photo on file by Chaz) Berkeley CA (Bay Area)
Luttrell, Hank Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1975. Madison WI
Luttrell, Lesleigh DUFF Winner 1972, Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1975. Madison WI? (divorced from Hank)
McCarthy, Evan FFANZ Winner 1996. NZ
McConchie, Lyn WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. FFANZ Winner 1987. Digital image on file. NZ
McKeown, Ned Worldcon chair 1948. Toronto, Ontario Canada.
Madle, Robert A. SG: Boskone 33 (1996). Pacificon (1946 Worldcon) attendee, TAFF Winner 1957, Worldcon FGoH 1977. Big Heart Award.First Fandom Hall of Fame, 1990. Rockville MD
Mallardi, Bill Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1965, 1966. Midwest. OH?
Mar, Kathy Music. FF: Boskone 29 (1992). Musician GoH: Minicon 28 (1993) Co-GoH: ConCerto (1990, Cherry Hill NJ).Filk Hall of Fame 1996. (photo on file by Chaz) Fremont CA
Mattingly, Gary OA: Boskone 25 (1988). Co-Chair ditto 2 (1989). Dublin CA (Bay Area)
Maxam, Felice Rolfe Fanzine Hugo 1967. just north of Berkeley CA
May, Julian C. Worldcon chair 1952. GoH: LepraCon 1 (2000, Wenatchee WA).Author GoH: CopperCon 21 (2001). Mercer Island WA
Middlemiss, Perry DUFF Winner 1996, Worldcon chair 1999. Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
Middleton, Margaret Filk Hall of Fame 1997. Chicago IL?
Miesel, Sandra Fan Writer Hugo Nominee 1973, 1974, 1975. Indianapolis IN
Moffatt, Anna S. World/Westercon chair 1958. CA? (divorced from Len)
Morley, Lewis Artist, DUFF Winner 1986. Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Neagle, Robert FGoH: CoastCon 8 (1985); Co-Chair: CoastCon 20 (1997), CoastCon 26 (2003). Chair, DeepSouthCon 37 (1999, New Orleans LA). Rebel Award 2001. New Orleans LA area.
Nelson, Gary Worldcon co-chair 1954. --
Neufeld, Sherry CUFF Winner 2000. Canada.
Nicholas, Joseph GUFF Winner 1981. Past President of fwa, 1987. London, England UK
North, Gytha Filk Hall of Fame 2001. UK
Norton, Scott WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. Conventioneer. San Diego CA
Oldroyd, Paul (sugg. Vincent Docherty) Worldcon 1987 chair, stepped in after Malcolm Edwards resigned. "the real movers and shapers in British fandom" (sugg. Peter Weston) photo on file by Peter Weston, Apr. 2004. UK
Orrok, G. Timothy (Tim) Worldcon FGoH 1989 (The Stranger Club) Ashland OR
Orszanski, Roman GUFF Winner 1990. Adelaide, S.A., Australia.
Ortlieb, Marc MAFF winner 1982. We'd like another photo. Australia.
Ounsley, Simon Fan Writer Hugo Nominee 1987. Leeds, England UK
Page, Jerry WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. Chair: DeepSouthCon 5 (1967, Atlanta GA); MC: DeepSouthCon 19/B'hamacon II (1981, Birmingham AL); FGoH: DeepSouthCon 22/Chattanooga DeepSouthCon (1984, Chattanooga TN). Rebel Award 1980. (photo on file by Chaz) Chattanooga TN?
Panshin, Alexei Fan Writer Hugo 1967. We'd like a good color photo. Quakertown PA
Papworth, Frances FFANZ Winner 1998. Australia.
Parsons, Spike WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. Conventioneer, Fanzine. Co-FGoH: ArmadilloCon 18 (1996). (photo on file by Chaz) Mountain View CA
Passovoy, Anne WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. Worldcon FGoH 2000. FGoH: ConClave 2 (1977). Musician GoH: Minicon 21 (1986). Waiting for full bio info. Chicago IL
Passovoy, Anne and Bob WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. Worldcon FGoH 2000. Need couple shot. (photo on file by Chaz) Chicago IL
Pender-Gunn, Karen ("KRin") FFANZ Winner 1993, GUFF Winner 1995. Photo in Fan Gallery, but we'd like a better picture. Blackburn, Vic, Australia.
Pride, Marilyn Artist, DUFF Winner 1986. Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Prieto, Frank Fan Magazine Hugo 1957. Staten Island NY? ("Ask Marsha Jones")
Pringle, David Semiprozine Hugo 1995. UK
Proni, Tullio Isher Artifacts, GT. (sugg. BEP) MI?
Prophet, Fred WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. Worldcon co-chair 1959. Photos on file. Detroit MI
Renaldo the Party Sheep FFANZ Winner 1998. Australia.
Robinson, "Dr. Jane" Filk GoH: CopperCon 17 (1997). Science GoH: NorWesCon 18 (1995). BNF at Large: Counterpoint Too (1996).Filk Hall of Fame 2000. Has been a member of the filk community for almost fifteen years. Her songs, songbooks, recordings, and performances (solo and with Cynthia McQuillin), are all gems. Jane writes of dinosaurs, makes irreverent attacks on academia, and has a vision of her music which is elaborate and fun. --
Rotsler, Bill. Past President of fwa, 1996. We would like a better photo of Bill Rotsler. (inactive)
Rudolph, Ken Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1969. L.A. CA (Hollywood)
Runte, Robert CUFF Winner 1989, Worldcon FGoH 1994. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Sapiro, Leland (Lee) Leland ("Supero") Evans-Freehafer Award 1963. Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1967, 1969, 1970. Pacificon (1946 Worldcon) attendee. Marion AL (1999)
Schlück, Tom TAFF Winner 1966. Germany.
Schwartz, Julius Pacificon (1946 Worldcon) attendee. GoH: Con*Stellation 6 (1987). TM: CactusCon (1987 NASFiC).Special Guests: The 16th World Fantasy Convention (1990)."Super" GoH: Con*Stellation 12 (1993).Loscon 21 (1994) Special GoH "Superguest".Big Heart Award, 1991.First Fandom Hall of Fame, 1986, 1996.We'd like a better color photo. NY
Sheets, Elisa WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. Club Fan. San Jose CA
Sherlock (Sherry Watson) Artist, Fan Artist Hugo Nominee 1997. TX
Shiffman, Stu Fan Artist Hugo 1990. Past President of fwa, 1979. TAFF Winner 1981.Artist GoH: Minicon 20 (1985). Co-GoH: WisCon 12 (1988).Corflu GoH 1989. FGoH: Lunacon 2000.We'd like a color photo. (Photo on file by Chaz) Seattle WA
Shorter, Elliot K. TAFF Winner 1970, Worldcon FGoH 1970. Fan GoH: ConFusion (1980). Providence RI
Skirvin, Stanley Pacificon (1946 Worldcon) attendee. NM
Slater, Ken WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. Worldcon FGoH 1987. Doc Weir Award 1966. Big Heart 1995. Digital image on file. Cambridgeshire, UK
Smith, Kevin TAFF Winner 1982. UK
Stathopoulos, Nick Artist, DUFF Winner 1986. Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Stearns, Jerry TM: Minicon 20 (1985); Musician GoH: Minicon 22 (1987).Radio. We'd like a better color photo. Mpls. MN
Steffan, Dan Fan Artist Hugo Nominee 1983, TAFF Winner 1995. Corflu GoH 2003. Washington DC area.
Stenfors, Bo "Sweden's internationally best known fanzine publisher and fan artist, as well as Sweden's first TAFF candidate (although he lost), and still slightly active." (sugg. John-Henri Holmberg) Sweden
Stevens, Paul J. DUFF Winner 1978, MAFF nominee 1982, gafia. Perth, W.A., Australia.
Stewart, Larry Artist. Loscon 22 (1995) Fan GoH.Past TM: Gallifrey. Canada.
Strandberg, Lars-Olov Interaction GOH. Sweden
Swabey, Jon NAFF 2004 winner (unopposed)Australia
Swisher, Robert Guest: Boskone IV (1945).Worldcon FGoH 1989 (The Stranger Club) MA
Tackett, Roy (deceased) TAFF Winner 1976, Worldcon FGoH 1997. TX
Thaning, StenNoFF winner (2001, from Sweden to Finland)Sweden
Thompson, Rex FFANZ Winner 1992. NZ
Toluzzi, Peter DUFF Winner 1982, MAFF nominee 1982. Mpls. MN
Turkich, Greg DUFF Winner 1990. Canberra, A.C.T./W.A., Australia.
Ullyot, Rosemary Fan Writer Hugo Nominee 1972, 1973. Toronto, Ontario Canada.
Valcour, Paul CUFF Winner 1990. Ottawa, Ontario Canada.
Van Arnam, Dave (deceased 2002) Worldcon co-chair 1967. San Jose CA area?
Vardeman, Bob Fan Writer Hugo Nominee 1972. Pro GoH: CopperCon 8 (1888). ProFan(e)GoH/TM: TusCon 6 (1979). FGoH: Westercon 33 (1980). Albuquerque NM
Vaughn, Karen FFANZ Winner 1988. Australia.
Vick, Shelby Past President of fwa, 1998. We have a photo, but we'd like a better one. Springfield, FL
Virzi, Pat Mueller Fanzine Hugo 1988, Fan GoH: Lunacon 1988, CopperCon 8 (1988), NorWesCon 12 (1990), NorWesCon 16 (1993).Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1990. FGoH: ArmadilloCon 13 (1991). Westercon 45 (1992) goh [Fan]. Duncanville TX
Von Rospach, Chuq Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1989, Fan Writer Hugo Nominee 1989. CA
Walling, Rene CUFF Winner 1996. Montreal Canada.
Warman, Damien GUFF 2005 Winner Australia?
Warner, Julian WE HAVE A PHOTO -- WE NEED BIO INFO. DUFF Winner 2002. Down Under.
Weber, Wally Fanzine Hugo 1960, Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1962, Worldcon chair 1961, TAFF Winner 1963. Westercon 46 (1993) goh [Fan]. Seattle WA
West, D. Fan Writer Hugo Nominee 1979, 1987, Fan Artist Hugo Nominee 1999. Keighley, UK
Williamson, Jack GoH: Bubonicon 8 (1976); GoH: DeepSouthCon 16 (1978, Atlanta GA);GoH: NorWesCon 6 (1983).WGoH: Lunacon 1987.GoH: TusCon 16 (1989); World Fantasy Convention (2003).Author GoH: LepreCon 9 (1983). Westercon 23 (1970) goh [Pro]; Westercon 7/Worldcon (1954) goh [Pro].Co-GoH: Windycon 9 (1982).Big Heart 1994, Big Heart 2000. Pacificon (1946 Worldcon) attendee. We'd like another photo. Santa Fe NM
Wlodarczyk, Phil FFANZ Winner 1998. Melbourne, Australia.
Woods, Juliette GUFF 2005 Winner Australia?
Wu, Frank Fan Artist Hugo Award winner, 2004. CA?
Zinkiewicz, Lucy NAFF 2001 winnerEngland (formerly Australia)
Zukowski, Ron Worldcon co-chair 1986. Atlanta GA

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Reference material:

Heavy use was made of Australian Fan Fund Website by Irwin Hirsh.

TAFF Winners through 2003 courtesy TAFF Winners compiled by Dave Langford.

DUFF Winners through 2003 courtesy DUFF Winners compiled by Irwin Hirsh.

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FFANZ Winners through 2001 courtesy FFANZ Winners compiled by Irwin Hirsh.

Couple Shots

  1. Baden, Chaz and Lynn
  2. Cole, Esther and Lester (Ventura CA)
  3. Duarte, Jr., Fred + Meschke, Karen (TX)
  4. Dyer-Bennet, Pamela Dean and David (Mpls MN)
  5. McClure, Martin and Nancy Wirsig
  6. Shibano, Sachiko and Takumi
  7. Smith, Leah and Dick (Chicago IL). We have a shot, we wouldn't mind a better one to choose from.

Couple shots we've taken and are pending for one reason or another, or perhaps have been recently added.

  1. Bemis, Judy, and Parker, Tony
  2. Fisher, Naomi, + Molloy, Patrick
  3. Gear, Bobby and Marty (Baltimore MD)
  4. Harvey, Eve and John (UK)
  5. Lillian, Guy and Rosy
  6. Lindsay, Eric + Weber, Jean
  7. Lupoff, Pat and Richard (photo on file by Chaz)


We haven't quite got these photos ready to go - we're waiting for the 5x7's.

Baden, Wil Worldcon (1939) Attendee. Digital image on file. Costa Mesa CA
Hallman, Stacey SCIFI Director. L.A. CA
Nelson, Ray Faraday Rotsler Award, 2003. "Long time fan, fan artist, inventor of the propeller beanie, off-beat SF and fantasy author." El Cerrito, CA