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24 November 1916 - 4 December 2008
Los Angeles CA


FGoH: PacifiCon II (1964 Worldcon/Westercon); Loscon 11 (1984); DeepSouthCon 28 (1990); Baycon 1996; Archon 20 (1996); Astronomicon 8 (2002). GoH: Festivention (London, 1951 Eastercon); Lunacon 1974; Tropicon III (1984); 1991 New Zealand Science Fiction Convention. Special Guest: NorWesCon 14 (1991), Gaylaxicon 5 (1994), World Horror Con 13 (2003). MC/TM: Chattacon VI (1981); Archon 23 (1999). Other Guest: TusCon 17 (1990).

Hugo: 1953 #1 Fan Personality. The first Hugo ever presented, and the only one ever awarded in that category. Forry and Tucker traded the "#1 Fan Face" designation back and forth for several years from the late 1930s through the mid 1940s.
Retro Hugo Award for Fan Writer, 1946; Retro Hugo Award for Fanzine (Voice of the Imagi-nation), 1946.

Evans-Freehafer Award 1972 (LASFS). First Fandom Hall of Fame, 1996. Sam Moskowitz Archive Award, 1999. Big Heart Award, 2006.

Popularized the term "sci-fi."

Most recent fanwriting: a regular column in MIMOSA.

Forry wore the first costume at the first Worldcon in 1939, which is generally credited with the starting of regular masquerade balls at Worldcons.

Forry has been to almost every Worldcon, starting with the first. He had the first fan letter published in the first issue of SCIENCE WONDER QUARTERLY in 1929; wrote the first articles for what in some quarters is viewed as the first sf fanzine (THE TIME TRAVELER) in 1932; started the first exclusively sf-oriented fan club (Boys' Scientifiction Club) with Linus Hogenmiller in 1929; attended the first meeting of the LASFL, attended well over 1500 meetings of LASFL/LASFS. First honoree of the LASFS fanquet in the mid-1950s.

His fanzine VOM (VOICE OF THE IMAGINATION) may have been the first-ever letterzine; it started as a continuation (publishing the letter column) of his and T. Bruce Yerke's fanzine IMAGINATION. Published Bradbury's first story ("Hollerbochen's Dilemma") in the Jan. 1938 IMAGINATION!. Publisher of the first FANCYCLOPEDIA.

His collection of sf/fantasy movie memorabilia was unparalleled. He also had world-class collections of sf prozines and early fanzines. He opened up his house (the Ackermansion) in Hollywood to fans every weekend he was in town, until 2002.

He had well over 50 cameo roles in films (mostly, but not all, sf); his first uncredited role was as Sgt. Ack-Ack in HEY, ROOKIE in 1944, while his first credited role was 20 years later as the square-frame technician in THE TIME TRAVELERS.

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