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Anderson, Karen Karen Anderson [Print]

Filker, costumer, dramatist, club fan, etc.

Los Angeles CA area

Pro GoH (with Poul): ConClave 10 (1985), ConClave 32 (1997).
Super Secret Guest: GAFilk 8 (Georgia Filk Convention, 2006).
Interfilk Guest: OVFF 25 (2009).

Con Committees: Worked on 1953 Disclave, 1954 Worldcon in San Francisco and a couple of Westercons including 1956.

Filk Hall of Fame (with Poul), 2002.
Sampo Award, ca. 1975 (may have been the last one given, but the trophy never actually reached Karen and Poul).
Received costume awards at various Worldcons, mostly in the 1960's.

Member of Washington Science-Fiction Association from sometime before the 1952 Worldcon (and served a term as its secretary) until moving to California in July 1953.
Member of Elves', Gnomes', and Little Men's Science-Fiction, Chowder, and Marching Society. Their Halloween and New Year parties were often at the Andersons, and for a number of years Karen made a huge pot of clam chowder (recipe in Anne McCaffrey's Cooking Out of This World) for their annual picnic.
Joined LASFS sometime in the 60's.

Fanzines: ALIF (FAPA), VORPAL GLASS, THE ZED (Die Zeitschrift für Vollstandige Unsinn) (SAPS), TROBAIRITZ (APA-L), JONGLEUR (APA-Pi), CALMATEMA (The Cult), misc. one-shots. Also Henry Kuttner memorial fanzine, 1958.

Plays staged: "Mag Net," 1956; "Alice in Thrillingwonderland," late 50's or early 60's; "The Birth of a Notion" (by Robert Bloch), in the 50's.
Filk operettas staged: "HMS Trek-a-Star," ca. 1967 and 1968; "Hatty, or St. Simon's Bride," 1995.

First to use the term "filk" deliberately, in SAPS, 1953. Did a lot of filksinging (and creating) in the fifties.

Helped create the Society for Creative Anachronism, along with Diana Paxson, Don Studebaker, and the like.
Founded a branch of the Baker Street Irregulars when in high school; holds an Investiture in the parent body.
Life Member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America.

Photo by Stan Burns, Nov. 1999
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