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Austin, Alicia Alicia Austin [Print]

Los Angeles


GoH: Westercon 36 (1983); WisCon 9 (1985); Disclave 1991.
Honored Guest: ConFrancisco (1993 Worldcon).
Artist GoH: LepreCon 7 (1981); Westercon 52 (1999); Baycon 1998; Loscon 21 (1994); Gaylaxicon 2008.
Guest Artist: The 4th World Fantasy Convention (1978).

Fan Artist Hugo 1971.
Many (over a hundred) convention art show awards.

Member, Carlton University S.F. Club (Ottawa, Canada), 1966.

Contributed to many fanzines, including covers for MEGAMART (1979); FAN-TASTIC: FILK SONGS AND OTHER FANNISH DELIGHTS (1982); STAR/SWORD: POETRY CHAPBOOK I (1984) and varios illos for the Carlton clubzine and STAR TREK CONCORDANCE (orig. ed.).

First contact with fandom: 1966

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Nov. 2003
Data: July 2014

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