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Bacon, James James Bacon

Dublin City, Ireland

Conrunner, Fanclub runner, Award Administrator, Comic Fan

TAFF 2004 winner.

Hugo Award for Fanzine (The Drunk Tank), 2011.
Nova Award for Best Fanzine, 2010 (Journey Planet).

Co-Chair: LX/Eastercon 60 (Bradford, 2009).
Co-Chair: Octocon 1996; Aliens Stole my Handbag (London 2000); Damn Fine Convention (London 2002); They Came and Shaved Us (Drogheda, Ireland 2003); Brentcon 1 (London 2004).
Con Committees - Octocon, Irish National SF con: '93, '94, '95, 99.
Programming - Paragon 2, Eastercon 2005.
Committee: Eastercon 60 (2009).
Treasurer - Empire Day, Star Wars Con, London, '96, '97, '98.
Ran six one day events for Sproutlore to date.
On site Treasurer for London Film and Comic Con 1 and 2 and Colectormania 3, 4, 5 and 6. Large media events.

Co-Founder of Dublin Sci-Fi Club.
Runs Sproutlore, The Now Official Robert Rankin Fanclub.

Editor of EARISHEEN, 4 Issues to Date; THE BRENTFORD MERCURY, 36 issues to date.

Administrator of The James White Award.

First contact with fandom: 1990.

Photo by David Stewart, Oct. 2003
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