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Los Angeles CA area (Anaheim CA)
Conventioneer, Photographer

FGoH: Windycon 26 (1999); ArmadilloCon 26 (2004); Westercon 65 (2012).

Chair: Loscon 28 (2001); Anime Los Angeles (2005-present).

Con committee positions have included: Con Suite, Costume Repair Station, Daily Newsletter, Fan Publicity, Ice Cream Social, Information/Sign Shop, Kids Room, Registration, and Staff Lounge.

Worldcon Bid Committees: L.A. in 2006, Kansas City in 2016, and New Orleans in 2018.

Fan Gallery Custodian (with Christian B. McGuire) and contributing photographer, 2001-present.

Webmaster: Hazel's Picture Gallery (50,000 photos and counting) and shotbyabear.com, Rotsler Awards Page (with John Hertz), Worldcon Bids List, and a few other sites.

It should be noted that "Hazel's Picture Gallery" (with over 9,000 people identified) and the "Fan Gallery" (which has a few hundred entries) are two completely separate projects.

Director, SCIFI, 2000-2004, 2009-present.
Director, SDSFC (San Diego Science Fiction Conventions), 2002-2005.

Originator of "Margarita Jell-O." (Use one large box or two small boxes of Lime Jell-O in two cups boiling water, stir until dissolved; then add one cup cold water, 1/2 cup Tequila, and 1/4 cup Triple Sec, chill until firm.)

Photo by Connor Foss, Nov. 2013
Data: July 2014

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