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Musician, fanzine fan.
San Francisco CA
Fan GoH: Minicon 35 (2000).

With Arnie Katz, published QUIP (1965-'67), one of the better fanzines of the 60's; co-edited SHAGGY (SHANGRI L'AFFAIRES). Published AFTER LUNCH, AFTER LUNCH #2, and WHISTLESTAR.
Participated in National Fantasy Fan Federation; New York FISTFA and Fanoclast meetings; SFPA; APA-L (charter member); FAPA.

"Lenny Bailes travels in spirals; he's going somewhere good, but he's not about to miss anything on the way by simply going straight ahead. Along the path he's followed so far, Lenny has found comic books, science fiction, fandom, fanzines, conventions, philosophers, paradigm shifts, music, gafiation, and ultimate return... He's a shy man who will ask if he can join the dinner party, then become an indispensable guest... His first musical love was Gilbert & Sullivan, who he says taught him to question authority.. He's soft-spoken. He's slyly funny. He believes in things and he won't back down about them unless you convince him to do so with logic. He's a polite pit bull about those things he considers ethical and good."

(Kathy Routliffe)

"He's a very focused, morally earnest, hardworking space cowboy."

(Patrick Nielsen Hayden)

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Aug. 2002
Data: June 2002

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