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Alexandria, VA
Convention Fan.

Chair, Disclave (1993); Vice-Chair, Disclave (1992).

Con Committees: Disclave: 1988-1997; Staff, usually Site Selection, at 1991-1992 and 1994-1998 Worldcons (Technical Services staff in 1992, Registration staff in 1995); Conadian (1994) Events Deputy Director; L.A.con II (1996) Site Selection Dept. Head; Bucconeer (1998) Corporation President and Logistics Dept. Head.

Member, Washington Science Fiction Assn. 1987-present, Trustee 1990-1991, Vice President 1994-1995, President 1996-1997.

Member, WSFS Mark Protection Committee (appointed by Bucconeer).

First contact with fandom: 1979.

Photo by Laurie Mann, Oct. 2002
Data: Dec. 2002

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