Fan Gallery Contents: Tom Becker

[photo by Mark Olson, Aug. 2002] Tom Becker [high-res photo]

San Francisco CA

Conventioneer, Fanzine fan.

FGoH: ArmadilloCon 18 (1996), with Spike Parsons.

Chair: Potlatch 23 (2014).
ConFrancisco Assistant Division Chief, Program Division.
Potlatch 10 Programming, 2001 (co-with Matt Austern).
Corflu 2000, created the Iron Faned panel.
Created "ArtCon Millenium Edition," a small convention in honor of Art Widner.
Publications: Potlatch 2 Native Guide, Potlatch 4 Publications, Westercon 49 Daily Zine, LoneStarCon 2 Daily Zine.

Photo by Mark Olson, Aug. 2002
Data: Aug. 2014

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