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[photo by Laurie Mann, Aug. 2002] Judy Bemis [Print] [high-res photo]

Wake Forest, NC

Fanzine Collector/Archivist, Conventioneer

Co-Fan GoH (w/Tony Parker): Concave (1995)

Co-Chair (w/ Tony Parker): Tropicon 8, 9 (1989-90)
Con Committees: treasurer, Magicon (1992 Worldcon); Trinoc*coN, Noreascon 4.

Secretary, SFSFS; Treasurer, Southern Fandom Confederation; Treasurer, Research Triangle SF Society.

Rubble Award 2005 (For resigning as SFC Treasurer.); Rebel Award 2014.

First year of contact with fandom: 1975.

Photo by Laurie Mann, Aug. 2002
Data: July 2014
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