Fan Gallery Contents: Ron Bennett

[photo by Vincent Docherty, Mar. 2002] Ron Bennett [high-res photo]

Fan editor. Fanzine writer and letter hack. Some pro work.

British TAFF delegate to 1958 Los Angeles SolaCon.

Chair: Ran the British SF Con in Harrogate in 1962.
Committees: Dealer's Room at the last Brighton Worldcon (Conspiracy, 1987); Brumcon/Eastercon 10 (1959), Ronvention/Eastercon 13 (1962).

Clubs: Leeds SF Association; Liverpool SF Society.

Fanzines: Has published PLOY (genzine), BURP (for OMPA), QURP (for FAPA), COLONIAL EXCURSION (TAFF trip report), the long running SKYRACK NEWSLETTER and several FAN DIRECTORIES.

Has had over two hundred fanzine pieces published, mostly humorous, some under pen names (Maurice Duval-Smythe, Penelope Fandergaste, Redd Grayson, Geoff Lindsay, Robert Lumley, Reuben Meyer, Ben Morency, Alan Scott, Alan Trogg, Jack Williams).

Has attended dozens of conventions, including all British Worldcons. Collector with thirty years experience as a second hand book dealer (now retired).

Photo by Vincent Docherty, Mar. 2002
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