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John D. Berry [Print]

San Francisco CA
Fanzine fan, club fan.

FGOH: Norwescon 1 (1978), V-Con 13 (Vancouver BC, 1985), Westercon 63/ConChord 23: Confirmation (2010).

DUFF Winner 1989.

Founding member of PenSFA (Peninsula Science Fiction Association), ca. 1967-'71.
Among the founding members of the Vanguard party, Seattle's ongoing monthly fan-gathering.
Was a member of Fanoclasts in New York when it was hosted by Ted White.

Fanzines: Edited FOOLSCAP (originally a genzine, later a generally available FAPAzine); MAVERICK; EGOBOO (with Ted White); HITCHHIKE; WING WINDOW; GASWORKS (with Steve Swartz). I was also one of the co-editors of THE GAFIATE'S INTELLIGENCER, with various other members of Falls Church Fandom in the early '70s. Co-editor of VOID 29.
Also various apazines and oneshot items.

Wrote the "Club House" columns of fanzine reviews in AMAZING, ca. 1969-'72.

Designed the program/memory book for the Seattle World Fantasy Convention.

First contact with fandom: the '60s, first convention in 1967.

"And it's all Forry Ackerman's fault. Really. Although I was reading science fiction as a kid, I slipped into fandom through FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND and its fan pages. When I met Forry, at my first Worldcon [1967], I told him this; he just nodded and smiled."

Photo by Elieen Gunn, 2002.
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