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[Photo by Vincent Docherty, Nov. 2002] Claire Brialey [high-res photo]

Croydon, UK
Fan writer/editor and conrunner.

FGOH: 2001 UK Eastercon (Paragon) with Mark Plummer.
GoH: Corflu Glitter (Corflu 29, 2012).

Con Committees: Various small fun conventions between 1991 and 1996; Intersection (Worldcon, 1995); Intuition (British national sf con, Eastercon 1998); Corflu Zed (fanzine convention, 2009); Corflu Cobalt (2010); Loncon 3 (Worldcon, 2014); Tynecon III: the Corflu (2015).

Nova Award for best UK fanzine (with Mark Plummer): 1996-'98, 2005-'06, 2009-'10, 2012-'13.
Nova Award for best UK fan writer: 2002-'06, 2008-'09, 2011.
Fanzine Activity Achievement (FAAn) Award for Best Fan Writer, 2005-'07, 2010. FAAn Awards (with Mark Plummer) for Best Fanzine (Banana Wings), 2007, 2010; Best Fanzine-Best Genzine or Collaboration (Banana Wings), 2012; Best Fanzine-Best Genzine (Banana Wings), 2014.
Hugo Award for best fan writer: 2011.

Awards administrator for British Science Fiction Association 2003-'06, 2007-'08 (BSFA committee member 1996-2001).
Former committee member for ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha (1989-1994).
Committee member for UK League of Fan Funds since 2003.

Fanzines: BANANA WINGS, BW, PARAKEET, QUOZ (all with Mark Plummer); NO SIN BUT IGNORANCE. Various other fanzines and one-shots in the past.
Copy editor and letters editor for James Bacon & Chris Garcia's JOURNEY PLANET, 2008-2011.

Member of Australia & New Zealand Amateur Publishing Association (ANZAPA) since 2005 (President 2010-11, 2012-13).

Judge for Rotsler Award since 2007.
Judge for Arthur C Clarke Award, 1998-2000.
Taught Science Fiction Foundation critical masterclass, 2011.
Reviewer, including for BSFA, SF Foundation and Strange Horizons, 1997-2010.

First contact with fandom: 1986.

Photo by Vincent Docherty, Nov. 2002.
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