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Picture of Charles N. Brown photo Charles N. Brown [picture of photo]

b. 24 June 1937, d. 12 July 2009

Oakland CA
Convention fan, fan editor

FGoH or Special Guest: Westercon 28 (1975), DeepSouthCon 15/B'hamacon (1977), NorWesCon 24 (2001), 2002 New Zealand Science Fiction Convention (Con with the Wind), Boskone 40 (2003), many more including cons in Spain, Australia, etc.
GoH: Renovation (2011 Worldcon).

Con Committees: Little Monsters of America 1953, etc.; 1966 Worldcon.
Chair: Lunacon 9 (1966).

Awards: Hugo Award for Fanzine/Amateur Magazine (Locus), 1971, 1972, 1976, 1978, 1980-'83; Hugo Award for Semiprozine (Locus), 1984-'92, 1996-2004, 2006-'08. Eaton Award, others. Hugo Nomination in 4 categories.

Fanzines: LOCUS.

"Science fiction expert CHARLES N. BROWN, editor-in-chief and publisher of 23-time Hugo winner Locus magazine, which he founded in 1968, has been involved in the SF field since the late 1940s. An electrical engineer for 15 years before becoming a full-time SF editor, he was the original book reviewer for Asimov's, has edited several SF anthologies, written for numerous magazines and newspapers, and worked as a freelance fiction editor for the past 35 years. Brown travels extensively, appears regularly on panels at major SF conventions around the world, and is a frequent Guest of Honor."

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, July 2002
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Another photo on file courtesy Charles N. Brown, 2001.