Fan Gallery Contents: Stan Burns

[photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Feb. 2002] Stan Burns


Riverside CA

Fan photographer, book reviewer and collector, mystery fan, Jack Vance fan

FAGoH: Chattacon XV (1990).

Con Committees: Pasadena Bouchercon (World Mystery Convention).

Clubs/organizations: LASFS, member since 1967. Member of the late Third Foundation.

Honorary member of Count Dracula Society.

Fanzines/APAs: Writes bimonthly mystery fanzine WHO DONUT? (25 year running zine in the mystery apa - DAPA-EM, or Elementary, My Dear APA). Wrote book reviews for Mike Glyer's SCIENTIFRICTION. Wrote for The Third Foundation fanzines. Past member of APA-L (zine title: Conversations With A Pregnant Donut Lady) and FAPA.

Co-official Photographer LACon I, Official photographer L.A.con III, also Official photographer Filmcon, Equicon, Loscons, and others. Contributing photographer for the Fan Gallery.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Feb. 2002
Data: Aug. 2014

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