Fan Gallery Contents: Elinor Busby

[photo by Jean Weber, Feb. 2002] Elinor Busby [high-res photo]

Seattle WA
Fanzine fan.

FGOH: Westercon 16 (1963), Westercon 37 (1984), Westercon 46 (1993); Co Party Guest at Raincon.
GoH: Corflu Zed (Corflu 26, 2009).

Con Committees: Seacon (1961 Worldcon).

Fanzine Hugo, 1960, for CRY OF THE NAMELESS.
FAAn Lifetime Achievement Award, 2013.

Belonged to The Nameless Ones during the years while it was still extant.

Fanzines: Was one of the editors of CRY OF THE NAMELESS aka CRY, many years ago.

APAS: Used to belong to FAPA, presently belong to SAPS, Lilapa, Apassembly, Apanage.

Photo by Jean Weber, Feb. 2002
Data: Aug. 2014

Rev. 11-Aug-2014

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