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11 March 1921 - 17 February 2005

Seattle WA
Convention fan, fanzine fan

GoH: Bubonicon 6 (Albuquerque, 1974).
FGoH: MosCon (Moscow ID) 1984; NonCon (Calgary Alta.) 1988; LibertyCon (Chattanooga TN) 1994; RadCon (Richland WA); 1997. FGOH (jointly with Elinor) at Westercon 1963, 1984, 1993 (also jointly with Wallys Weber and Gonser).
TM: LepreCon 2 (1976); IguanaCon II (1978 Worldcon).

Chair: Westercon 12 (1959).
Con Committees: Westercon 1959 (Seattle WA); Seacon, Worldcon 1961 (Seattle WA).

Hugo Award for CRY OF THE NAMELESS, 1960.

Clubs/organizations: Was President of the Nameless at least once. This was bound to happen to anyone who attended for very long.

Fanzines: CRY/CRY OF THE NAMELESS (with Wally Weber and Burnett Toskey) from 1955 to the ending of its First Incarnation in 1964 when Boeing sent Wally Weber to Huntspatch Alabama, and throughout its Second Coming during the late Sixties and early Seventies; POLARITY, late 1950s genzine.

APAs: Currently, only SAPS and a couple of smallish "private" apas. Formerly, also FAPA, N3F's N'APA, IPSO, The Cult, and APEX (or APA X).

Photo by Jean Weber, Feb. 2002
Data: Feb. 2005

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