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Grant Canfield [Print]

Sausalito CA
Fan artist.

FGOH: Westercon 34 (1981)

Rotsler Award, 1999.
Fan Artist Hugo Nominee 1972-1978.
FAAn Award for Best Fan Artist-Humor, 1976.

Some of his fanzine credits include the Swedish collection of Terry Carr fan articles FANDOM HARVEST; the cartoon of the difference between Sidney Coleman and Albert Einstein (Einstein has a violin, Coleman has a rubber chicken); and a fascinating perzine (personal fanzine, the equivalent of a blog in pre-internet days). In his heyday, Grant's cartoons were as important as Rotsler's: he is one of the truly great fan cartoonists.

(Tom Whitmore)

Photo by Mike McInerney, Dec. 2001
Data: July 2014

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