Fan Gallery Contents: Ross Chamberlain

[photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Mar. 2002] Ross Chamberlain [high-res photo]

Las Vegas, NV
Fanartist, fanwriter, sporadic faneditor

Artist GoH: Westercon 55 (2002).

Rotsler Award 2012.

Con Committees: NyCon3 (1967).

Clubs/organizations: member Fanoclasts, FiStfa, Brooklyn Insurgents, Las Vegrants.

Fanzines: 1 genzine: FANGLE (2 issues: 1971 & 1974); several Apazines in such apas as APA-F (NYC area weekly distribution in mid-60s), TAPS and FAPA, plus some private apas.

Other fanac: Mainly cover art for various Arnie Katz/Joyce Katz/Brooklyn Insurgents/Las Vegrants productions, including (among others) QUIP, WOODEN NICKEL, WILD HEIRS. Illustrated the Brooklyn Insurgents edition of THE ENCHANTED DUPLICATOR. Also a cover and some interior art in different issues of SCIENCE FICTION FIVE-YEARLY.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Mar. 2002
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