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[Dave Clement] Dave Clement [high-res photo]

"Decadent Dave Clement"

Winnipeg, Canada

Filk Hall of Fame, 1999.
Pegasus Award 1999 for Best Performer.
Co-GoH: Contata 3 (2002).
GoH: OVFF 12, 30 (1996, 2014).
Co-Filk GoH: Duckon 11 (2002).
Special Guest: Minicon 25 (1990).

Aurora Award 2011, Best Fan Filk for Dandelion Wine "Face on Mars" CD.

Organized the filk track at the 1994 Worldcon, introducing the "instaband" and filk lounge concepts to promote collaboration and friendship among filkers.

Founder and driving force behind "Baggiecon," a fannish party at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Founder of the "Musician's Hat Fund" in Winnipeg.

His warm, strong, clear voice is one of the most distinctive in the filk community. Few singers involve an audience as completely in their music as Dave does; he is an engaging performer on stage and in filk circles. His repertoire includes many a song guaranteed to get the entire circle joining in on choruses, harmonies, and other instruments. He plays guitar with a recognizable strong rhythm, and plays dumbek, bodhran, recorder, and whistle.

Dave has released two solo albums, "Music After Midnight" and "Rambling the Galaxy", and two albums with the group Dandelion Wine, "Circles in the Grain" and "Cheap Hootch." These releases have been a strong influence on other filk performers. He has many songs on various con tapes, and has done backup work on albums for other filkers.

Dave has been an ambassador for the uniqueness of Canadian filk in countless filk circles, concerts, and Guest of Honour spots, especially in his promotion of songwriters such as Stan Rogers and Sam Baardman.

First contact with fandom: 1984.

Photo by Daniel Glasser, March 2001.
Data: Aug. 2014

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