Fan Gallery Contents: Chuck Crayne

[Chuck Crayne] Chuck Crayne [high-res photo]

Private game preserve in Northern CA
Secret Master of Fandom.

Co-Chair: LACon (1972).
Chair: Westercon 22 (1969); NASFiC (1975).

Founder of FunCon; Founder of NASFiC; Founder (w/ Bruce Pelz) of Bouchercon.

Evans-Freehafer Award, 1968 (LASFS).

Member of LASFS, has held various offices.

OA of The Cult -- perhaps even more often than George Scithers.

First contact with fandom: 1964.

Photo by Dian Crayne, November 2002.
Data: Aug. 2003

Rev. 13-Aug-2007
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