Fan Gallery Contents: Joni Brill Dashoff

[Dashoff, Joni Brill] Joni Brill Dashoff, F.N. [high-res photo]

Philadelphia PA
Convention/club fan, costumer.

Fan GoH: Lunacon 2003.

Co-Chair Smofcon 30 (2012).
Con Committees: Philcon Art Show Director since 1986; East Coast Floating Art Show Crew member (has been staff at many regionals outside Philly; also Magicon and LA in 96 Worldcons); One-third of the Bucconeer Exhibits Division Directors; Programming division staff at Constellation, ConFederation and Aussiecon 1999 Worldcons; active bid member and Treasurer for Philadelphia in 2001 Worldcon (both bid and convention).

Journeyman costumer and member of the Lunatik Phrynge, Philadelphia chapter of the ICG.

Philadelphia SF Society active member and former Treasurer.
ASFA member and former East Coast Director and Treasurer.

Fellow of NESFA, 2009.

Photo by Mark Olson, Feb. 2002
Data: July 2014
Rev. 30-Jul-2014

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