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Philadelphia, PA
Convention fans, club fans, costumer (Joni).

Fan GoH: Lunacon 2003.

Con Committees: Numerous Philcons, including Millennium Philcon-59th World Science Fiction Convention (Todd, Chair). Co-Chair (Joni): Smofcon 30 (2012).

Todd: Worked most other major East Coast cons at one time or another.
Joni: Philcon Art Show Director since 1986; East Coast Floating Art Show Crew member (staff at many regionals outside Philly; also Magicon and LA in 96 Worldcons); One-third of the Bucconeer Exhibits Division Directors; Programming division staff at Constellation, ConFederation and Aussiecon 1999 Worldcons; active bid member and Treasurer for Philadelphia in 2001 Worldcon (both bid and convention).

Clubs/Offices: Philadelphia Science Fiction Society (PSFS) - President/Board (Todd), Treasurer at various times (both).
Joni: ASFA member and former East Coast Director and Treasurer.
Todd: Member, WSFS MPC appt. by Millennium Philcon.

Joni: Journeyman costumer and member of the Lunatik Phrynge, Philadelphia chapter of the ICG.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Jul. 2002
Data: July 2014

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