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San Francisco CA area; Honolulu HI area
Conrunning fan.

Fan GoH: Baycon 2001; Loscon 31 (2004).

Chair: Conolulu, Westercon 53, 2000.

Have worked Baycons, Boskones, Westercons, SMOFcons, and Worldcons since 1983. Con Francisco, OE of APA, The Never-Ending Meeting, Recording Secretary, Publications, Logistics. ConAdian, Souvenir Book. L.A.con III - Exhibits (Dealers, Art Show, Exhibits). BucConeer - Division Manager (Registration, Info, Site Selection, Sales to Members, Fan Tables, Con Suite). Chicon 2000 - Autographing. Mil Phil - Program Operations. Con José - Exhibits Second, then Division Manager, Programming.

SFSFC, Inc. Director. SCIFI Director, 2003-present.

Photo by Stan Burns, Nov. 1997
Data: Nov. 2003

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