Fan Gallery Contents: Steve Davies & Giulia & Cesare

[Davies, Steve, & De Cesare, Giulia] Steve Davies & Giulia De Cesare [high-res photo]

Reading, England

Fan editor, convention fan; Costumer, dealer, fanwriter (in a modest way).

(Steve) Chair: Reconvene (Eastercon 1999).

(Steve) Con Committees: ConSept (Unicon 1986), Eastercon (1989, 1993, 1995, 2002), Fourplay (UK Filk Con 1993), Intersection (Worldcon 1995), Plokta.con (2000, 2002).
(Giulia) Con Committees: Fourplay, Confabulation, Plokta.con, Helicon 2, Plokta.con 2.0.

(Steve) Awards: Nova Award for Best Fanzine, 2000; nominated for Fanzine Hugo Award (1999-2001).
(Giulia) Awards: Novice award in Masquerade at Intersection.

(Steve) Clubs/organizations: Chairbeing of Birmingham University SF Society (1982).
(Giulia) Clubs/organizations: Reading SF Group.

(Steve) Fanzines: GREEN SLIME (Birmingham University SF Soc), FOSSILISED THOUGHTS; SEVEN KINDS OF MADNESS; VOICE OF THE MYSTERONS (1995 Worldcon newsletter); PLOKTA (with Alison Scott).
(Giulia) Fanzines: PLOKTA.

(Steve) Other fanac: Several filk songs in UK filk books. Current webmaster of Plokta website. Assorted Eastercon masquerade awards.

Photo by Laurie Mann, Aug. 2002
Data: Apr. 2002

Rev. 13-Aug-2007

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