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The Hague, Netherlands
Conventioneer, Hard SF Fan

FGoH: Hogmanaycon (Glasgow, 1999), Concave (Kentucky, 2003), 2nd Int'l Week of Science & SF (Timisoara, 2003).
GoH: Illustrious 2011/Eastercon 62 (2011).
Special Fan Guest: Junicon (1999).

Convention Chair/Co-Chair: Invention (Glasgow 1983); Albacon 85 (Glasgow 1985); Glasgow 95 Bid and Intersection (Worldcon 1995); ConTreaty (Beneluxcon, Maastricht, 2000); Operational UK05 Bid Committee; Interaction (Worldcon 2005); Smofcon 29 (2011).
Convention Staff/Dept/Div Head: Various local Glasgow Cons (1978-1987), Various UK Eastercons (1980-present), Various Worldcons (1987-Present); Conspiracy (Worldcon 1987) Hugo Ceremony; Bucconeer (Worldcon 1998) Head At-Con Reg; Smofcon 19 (York, 2001) Publicity; Con José (Worldcon 2002) Eurozone Agent; Concourse (Eastercon 2004) Finance Head; Nippon'07 (Worldcon 2007 Bid) Eurozone Agent.

Clubs: Strathclyde University SF Society (Glasgow, 1979-86), 'One-Tun' (London 1987-93)

Other Fanac: Some fanzine articles. Active in updating the WSFS Constitution and Hugos, and generally stirring things up.

Contributing photographer for the Fan Gallery.

Photo by Jerry Shaw, Nov. 2001.
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