Fan Gallery Contents: Bill Donaho

[photo provided by Robert Lichtman, Sep. 1962] Bill Donaho [high-res photo]

Feb. 13, 1909 - Nov. 23, 2000

Northern CA
Fanzine fan, convention fan.

Worldcon/Westercon co-chair 1968.
Committee: PacifiCon II (1964 Worldcon/Westercon).

Fan Writer Hugo Nominee 1967, Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1961, 1967, 1995.

Was a fanzine fan primarily, but attended many conventions, especially Worldcons. His chief fanzine title was HABAKKUK, which appeared in three incarnations:

  1. 6 issues, February 1960 through July 1961
  2. 3 issues, May 1966 through February 1967
  3. 4 issues, September 1993 through Fall 1994
The 2nd series was nominated for a best fanzine Hugo, but didn't win.

Donaho discovered fandom in New York in the early '50s, and moved to the Bay Area in 1960, living primarily in the East Bay (Berkeley, Oakland, El Cerrito). Near the end of his life, he moved to Veterans Home near Yountville in Napa County, where he died. He is remembered as gregarious, a terrific gossip, and for his splendid paella.

Photo provided by Robert Lichtman, Sep. 1962
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