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[Bobbie Dufault, photo by Chaz Boston Baden] Bobbie DuFault [high-res photo]

d. 14 Sep. 2013

Gold Bar, WA
Conventioneer, Club fan, writer, artist, web van

FGoH: BayCon 2011.

Chair: Cascadia Con, 2005 NASFiC in Seattle, ConComCon 8, Rustycon 17-18 (2000-'01), Rustycon 28-30 (2011-'13), Westercon 56, Westercon 65: ConClusion (2012).
Chair in Memoriam: Sasquan (2015 Worldcon).

Staff/committee for Rustycon (15 years), Orycon, Anglicon, Norwescon, and three or four Westercons, mostly in Live Video, Programming, Lobby Services, Security, and Hospitality (and chair).

Lifetime member Rustycon.

Member, NW Club League (co-chair 1995-'98), NW Con League (NCL), Clan Burnout, Carbon Based Rentals.
Member of OSFCI, SWOC and the North West Science Fiction Society.

Has written a few articles for various fanzines.

First contact with fandom: 1989.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, July 2002.
Data: Aug. 2014

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