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Craig Dyer

Craig Dyer photo
Convention fan.

FGoH: TusCon 27 (2000).

Chair: CopperCon 19 (1999); HexaCon 10 (2000); HexaCon 12 (2002); Westercon 57: ConKopelli (2004).

Has run Security and the Convention Office at quite a few cons. Did Green Room once (or maybe twice). He's also done logistics, dealer's room and usually helps with Staff Lounge.
Takes care of the registration supplies, teaching people to use the label makers and assembles computers for the registration crew to use.

Member of bidcom, Phoenix in 2000 and Phoenix in 2002 Westercon bids.

Former member, Society for Creative Anachronism.
Member, LepreCon Inc.
Founding member of WesternSFA Inc., current chair of the board of directors.
Member of CASFS (Central AZ Speculative Fiction Society), past member of the board.
Webmaster for CASFS, keeper of the database.

Part of the CONNOTATIONS (Newszine) staff. Semi-regular contributor to CONNOTATIONS with Anime and book reviews.

Hosts monthly open houses and bi-monthly cordial classes, and cordial-tasting room parties.

First contact with fandom: ca. 1991.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, July 2002
Data: Dec. 2003

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