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[Eastlake III, Donald E.] Donald E. Eastlake III, F.N. [Print] [high-res photo]

Milford, MA

Club Fan, Hard SF Fan, Convention Fan, Costume Fan, B5 Fan, Technofan

Fan Co-GoH (w/Jill): Rivercon 9 (1984).

Chair: Boskone 16 (1979).
Co-Chair: Boskone 11 (1974).
Con Committees: Noreascon 2 (1980 Worldcon - Operations Division Head); Noreascon 3 (1989 Worldcon - facilities Division Head); Magicon (1992 Worldcon - Convention Center Liaison).

WSFS Business Meeting Chair many times; originator of and many times Chair of the WSFS Mark Protection Committee.

Offices: NESFA (President, 3 years; Trustee, NESFA Lunar Realty Trust (which funded the NESFA Club House)).
Fellow of NESFA, 1976.
Founding Member and President of BCEC.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Aug. 2005
Data: July 2009

Rev. 15-Jul-2009

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Also on file: Photo by Bruce Pelz, Feb. 1998