Fan Gallery Contents: Alex Eisenstein

Eisenstein, Alex Alex Eisenstein

Chicago IL area

Convention fan, former fanzine editor; book, fanzine, magazine, and art collector.

Con Committees: Chicon 2000.

Awards: A bunch of art show prizes at PacifiCon II (1964 Worldcon/Westercon)

Clubs/organizations: Founding member Science Fiction Research Association. Member of Editorial Board of one of its publications, EXTRAPOLATION.

Fanzines: Co-edited TRUMPET and NICKELODEON with Tom Reamy and Ken Keller.

Put on SF art exhibits at many cons, including Atlanta Worldcon (1986), Minicon (1996), Chicon 2000, and various regionals, including Kubla Khan and Windycon. Gave gala slide presentation on "2001: A Space Odyssey" at MidAmeriCon (1976) and reprised it at ConQuesT (2001).

Photo by Erik V. Olson, Feb. 2002
Data: May 2002

Rev. 28-Jul-2004

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