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Eisenstein, Phyllis Phyllis Eisenstein

Chicago, IL
Convention fan. Much too lazy to be anything else.

GOH: Confusion 11 (Ann Arbor 1982), Con*Stellation 1 (Huntsville 1982), Icon (Iowa City) back in 1980 or '81, 30th Anniversary GoH: Windycon 30 (2003), ConQuesT 38 (2007).
TM: Windycon 27 (2000).
Special Guest: Minicon 21 (1986).
Visiting Guest Faculty: Capricon 26 (2006).

Con Committees: WindyCon 2 and 3, MidAmeriCon, Chicon 2000.

Awards: Two Hugo and three Nebula nominations in short fiction categories. No fannish honors.

Clubs/organizations: Was a member of the University of Chicago SF Club in 1961-62. Would have been its only student member in 1963 if it hadn't evaporated before that.

Fanzines: Contributed to and helped edit TRUMPET, Tom Reamy's fanzine. Wrote a few articles for other fanzines over the years. Most of these are long forgotten.

Other fanac: Attendance at innumerable conventions and fannish parties. Hanging out at the CFG suite at many Worldcons.

First contact with fandom: 1961

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Nov. 2002
Data: Aug. 2014

Rev. 13-Aug-2014

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