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Picture of Phhyllis and Alex Eisenstein photo Phyllis & Alex Eisenstein

Chicago IL area

Alex: Convention fan, former fanzine editor; book, fanzine, magazine, and art collector.
Phyllis: Convention fan. Much too lazy to be anything else.

Con Committees (Alex): Chicon 2000.
Con Committees (Phyllis): WindyCon 2 and 3, MidAmeriCon, Chicon 2000.

Awards (Alex): A bunch of art show prizes at PacifiCon II (1964 Worldcon/Westercon)

Alex: Founding member Science Fiction Research Association. Member of Editorial Board of one of its publications, EXTRAPOLATION.
Phyllis: Member of the University of Chicago SF Club in 1961-62. Would have been its only student member in 1963 if it hadn't evaporated before that.

Contributed to and helped edit TRUMPET, Tom Reamy and Ken Keller's fanzine.
Phyllis wrote a few articles for other fanzines over the years. Most of these are long forgotten.

Alex: Put on SF art exhibits at many cons, including Atlanta Worldcon (1986), Minicon (1996), Chicon 2000, and various regionals, including Kubla Khan and Windycon. Gave gala slide presentation on "2001: A Space Odyssey" at MidAmeriCon (1976) and reprised it at ConQuesT (2001).

First contact with fandom: 1961 (Phyllis).

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Nov. 2002
Data: Dec. 2002

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