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Bill Ellern [Print]

Los Angeles CA area
Club Fan, Conventioneer

GoH: Ooo-La-La Con (1999 Fan Guest)

Con Committees: Treasurer, SoLACon (1958) aka Worldcon 16 aka "South Gate in '58"; Treasurer Westercon 20 (1967)

Awards & Honors: Fanquet (1966); Evans-Freehafer Award, 2005 (LASFS).

Clubs/Offices: LASFS Member (1957), LASFS Treasurer (several occasions); LASFS Board of Directors 2000-2002; LASFS Chairman of the Board 2001

Fanzines: Luckily all are extinct (Eat your heart out Ray Bradbury! ;-)

Other Fanac: Collector of books, artwork, stuffies, media materials, sharp pointy objects, posters, etc.; Host of Annual Loscon ConCom party (Do it twice and it's a habit)

Photo by Bruce Pelz, Nov. 1997
Data: Aug. 2007

Rev. 14-Aug-2007