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Minneapolis MN area
Conventioneer, Fan Writer

Chair: ReinCONation 5 & 6 (1995-96); Not-A-ReinCONation (1997)
Con Committees: Minicon, 1978-79 (Programming), Minicon 1989?(Fan Lounge); ReinCONation 2, 1992 (Publications); ReinCONation 3&4, 1994-95 (Programming)
Member: MinneAPA, 1974-77
Edited RUNE, 1978-79; Columns and articles in RUNE, MAINSTREAM, IDEA, etc.
Starred in "The Mimeo Man" at Pghlange 1974, Disclave 1975, Minicon 1976; Music Director for "Midwest Side Story" at Minicon 1977

Photo by David Dyer-Bennet,
Data: Nov. 1997

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