Fan Gallery Contents: Ahrvid Engholm

[Photo by Anders Reutersward, July 2001] Ahrvid Engholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Convention fan, fanzine writer/editor/collector, fanhistorian, e-mail hack.

FGOH: Nasacon 1984, Lituanicon 1994, Finncon 1999, Finncon 2001.

Convention committees: About 10 Nasacons, a couple of Swecons and a couple of Conscience, plus some others.

Awards: The Alvar Appeltofft Memorial Award, 1978; Eurocon Award for Best Fanzine, 1996.

Clubs/organizations: Member of a couple of Swedish clubs.

Fanzines: VHECKANS AVFENTYR, FANYTT, SCIENCE FICTION JOURNALEN with near 200 issues; an English language title I've done is SMORGASBOARD; numerous other titles, probably over 500 fanzine issues total.

Wrote a Swedish fancyclopedia FANDBOKEN. Founded the regional Baltcon (Baltic Sea regional convention). Started a Swedish sf/fantasy writer's mailing list, SKRIVA. Have written short stories, and draw cartoons now and then. Collected Swedish fannish short films on a VHS video cassette, named FILMFANDOM. Edited two collections of Swedish fanwriting in English, named SWEDE ISHES 1 and 2.

Photo by Anders Reuterswärd, July 2001
Data: Mar. 2002

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