Fan Gallery Contents: Kurt Erichsen

[photo by John Widmer, Jan. 2002] Kurt Erichsen

Toledo OH
Artist, cartoonist, illustrator

Past Fan Artist GOH at Congenial and Gaylaxicon 8 (1998).

Rotsler Award, 2002.

Program Book Cover for Windycon 8 (1981).

Clubs/organizations: Gaylaxian member.

Fanzines: Active in fanzines & apas since 1970. SF REVIEW, RUNE, CHALLENGER, MIMOSA, FILE 770, RELUCTANT FAMULUS, Worldcon program books and progress reports, CAPA-Alpha, Apa-Five to name but several.

Other fanac: Published in STARLOG, GAY COMIX, MEATMEN, INSTINCT MAGAZINE. Syndicated "Murphy's Manor" comic strip to local gay & lesbian newspapers since 1982.

Photo by John Widmer, Jan. 2002
Data: July 2004

Rev. 19-Jul-2004