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San Diego CA
Convention organizer

Co-Chair, ConFurence 11 and ConFurence 12; Chairman, ConFurence 2002 and ConFurence 2003; Host, CritterConDiego.

Convention/Bid committees: Dealer's Table liaison, So-La-La-Con; Fan Table Manager, Loscon 29; Committee member, WesterCon 55 "Conagerie"; Westercon Bid Committee Member, San Diego in 2006.

Owner/Director The ConFurence Group; LASFS member; Darkstar member; President's Associates member of the Zoological Society of San Diego; Member of SDSFC Board of Directors.

Owned "The Polar Den BBS" in Dallas, Texas, running on FurNet (using FidoNet technology) from 1990 through 1993; Created and ran the DeVry-LA Science Fiction Club, 1986-1988 at the City of Industry campus.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, May 2002
Data: Oct. 2002

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