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Saint Leonard, MD
relocating to East Tennessee in 2009

SF fan, fanzine fan, convention fan, conrunner, faned, club chair, newsletter ed, fanwriter, poet & tunesmith, TAFF supporter

GoH: Corflu 2001 (Boston).

Con Committees, UK: UFP Cons (Star Trek in the 80s); Con Chair for Confetti, Holodeck (series), We Are Klingons! (series); ST fans New Years Eve Parties (series); Tech supremo for many Novacons, Mexicon con committees; Chair for Eastercon bid (CONTACT) which folded; Chair for DIMENSION JUMP (series)
Con Committees, US: Chair for Corflu Valentine (2002). Committee: Corflu 31 (2014).

Founded the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club and its newsletter BETTER THAN LIFE

Fanzines: ARROWS of DESIRE; THIS HERE...; NICHEVO; SINGSING (for FAPA); BEAM (coming soon - July 2008)

Legendary Teck room parties at Novacons as fan fundraisers (TAFF, FATW, Talking books etc);
Legendary room parties of the Unusual Suspects
Only member of a ConCom known to have been carried to bed in a drunken stupor by a GoH (Norman Spinrad, Mexicon @ Harrogate, I think)
Have sung (well, growled) in a Sorensen musical I was one of the subjects of (The Booze Brothers)
Legendary deep fried chicken traditionally carved by Ted White

Year of first contact with fandom: ca. 1981

Data: Aug. 2014

Rev. 12-Aug-2014