Fan Gallery Contents: Moshe Feder

Feder, Moshe Moshe Feder

Club fan, fanzine fan.

FGoH: Ozymandias 2 in Toronto in 1979.
GoH: Corflu Valentine in Annapolis in 2002.

Co-chair: Corflu 7.
Ran Fan programming for Noreascon II and a couple of Lunacons; ran fan lounges/fanzine exhibits a couple of times.
Committee: Corflu 7 (1990).

Created the FAAn Award (Fanzine Activity Achievement) in 1975, which ran for a number of years.

Founder and first president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Society at Queens College (CUNY) in the '70s.
Member of the Insurgents, the Fanoclasts, and FIStFA (Fannish Insurgent Scientifictional Association) in the '70s.

Founded a fannish dining club called Omnivores.
Founded The Third Level (an email discussion group for fannish railfans). Host of the Last Chance Salon, a monthly get-together on the last Sunday of every month.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Aug. 2003
Data: Aug. 2014

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