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Huntsville AL
Convention fan, fanzine fan, hospitality genius.

FGoH: Contact (Evansville IN, 1990's), DeepSouthCon 52/Contrails (2014).

Has worked on over 100 cons.
Co-Chair: FanHistoriCon XII/DeepSouthCon 40, Huntsville, AL (2002).

DUFF 2001 winner.
Rubble Award 1996: For crimes against the waistlines of fandom.
Rubble Award 2000: For Single-Handedly Destroying the DSC Banquet. (The fans were saving their appetites for Naomi's party after the banquet.)
Rebel Award 2005.

Chairbeing of WKUSFS (3 years).

APAhack, letterhack. Contributions to some fanzines.
Was a mainstay of KAPA (a Kentucky-based apa) for many years.

"Naomi Fisher ran a series of cooking workshops at Smofcon in Florida in 2000. They made Key Lime Pie and Cheesecake ... the whole convention enjoyed the results ... (At a panel led by Naomi) You know you're studying under someone who understands the contribution food makes to an event when they begin the panel by saying "I think we need some cheesecake" and five minutes later you're all eating while talking." (Anne KG Murphy)

"Naomi relaxes by taking over someone else's kitchen."

First contact with fandom: 1985.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Oct. 2005
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Also on file: Photo by Erik V. Olson, Dec. 2002