Fan Gallery Contents: Raymond Fisher

[Fisher, Raymond] Raymond Fisher [high-res photo]


Oct. 15, 1935 - May 16, 1988.

St. Louis MO
Fanzine fan, convention fan, club fan.

Co-chair of St. Louiscon, Worldcon, 1969.
Con committees: Ozarkon 1-5, St. Louis, 1965-'69.

Founding member, Poplar Bluff Science Fiction Club (1950's) and Ozark Science Fiction Association (OSFA) in St. Louis (1960's); member, The Saturday People, in St. Louis, 1960's.

Fanzines: ODD, nominated for a Hugo in 1968.

Photo by Shanabarger's of Poplar Bluff, ca. 1957
Data: Oct. 2002

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