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Don Fitch [Print]

Los Angeles CA area
Fanzine Fan.

"Bless His Sweet Heart" GoH at Minicon 28 (1993).

Evans-Freehafer Award, 1970 (LASFS).
Custodian of the Official LASFS Holly plant.

Committee: Corflu 9 (1992).

Fanzines: Many titles, for many APAs, since c. 1959, with a running head of FROM SUNDAY TO SATURDAY, and a few issues of a general-circulation zine WONDERING AND WANDERING.

Other Fanac: Scut-work helping out with a few ConSuites & Fanzine Lounges at (mostly) Worldcons. Once an active fanzine letterhack, and sometimes member of: FAPA, SAPS, The Cult, APA-L, N'APA, OMPA, APA-X, APA-50, ANZAPA, A Secret Garden (the gardening one), Minneapa, DADA-APA, &cet. Currently most active (& that not very) in OnLine fannish Lists & Newsgroups.

Photo by Stan Burns, Nov. 1997
Data: Aug. 2014

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