Fan Gallery Contents: Alison Freebairn

Alison Freebairn [high-res photo]

Born in Scotland, now resident in London.

Fan writer, fanzine editor.

Nova Award for Best Fanwriter, 1996, 2001.
FAAn Award for Best Fan Writer, 2002.

Fanzines: FROM THE KELPIE'S POOL, 1994-1995 (four issues); POGONOPHOBIA, 1996-2000 (six issues, one compilation edition); SHEBANG, 2001.
Contributor to many music and fannish zines from 1994-2002, but currently inactive - at least in print.

Fan Programme Team, Intersection 1995 Glasgow.
Committee, Corflu 1998, Leeds.
UK agent, Corflu Valentine, Annapolis 2002.
First convention: Albacon 1988, Glasgow.

Photo by John Dallman, June 2002
Data: July 2014

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