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[Bobby Gear photo by Chaz Boston Baden, May 2003] Bobby Gear

1942 - 25 June 2005

Baltimore MD Fandom, living in Columbia, MD

Reading fan, Club fan (BSFS and Costumers' Guild), Costume fan, Convention fan, Art fan and sometimes artist fan.

Con Committees: Balticon Masquerade: Masquerade Green Room and partial costume programming, 1990 to present. NolaCon costuming program, 1988. BucConeer Masquerade Co-Chair, 1998. CosumeCon 21 Fantasy Masque Green Room, 2003.

Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1986.
Various Costume awards from 1984 through 1991 at Regional, CostumeCon and Worldcon levels. A total of 16 presentation awards and a bunch of workmanship awards.

Treasurer, Baltimore Science Fiction Society, late 1980's to about 1995. Has served on the board.

Other fanac: Masquerade judging at a WesterCon, Philcons, Arisias, Millenium Philcon, LA Con.

First contact with fandom: 1981.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, May 2003.
Data: Aug. 2003

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