Fan Gallery Contents: Barry Gold

[photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Oct. 2001] Barry Gold

Los Angeles CA (Mar Vista)
Filker, Musician, Role Playing Gamer, Convention Fan.

Interfilk Guest at OVFF (Ohio Valley Filk Fest), 2000.
FF: Boskone 44 (2007).

Awards: Filk Hall of Fame, 1997; Sampo.

Member, LASFS; Board of Directors, 1973-75; LASFS Treasurer, 1974.
Member, LAFA (Los Angeles Filkers Anonymous). Barry & Lee handle LAFA's mailings.

Editor, DE PROFUNDIS, 1974-75.

First contact with fandom: ca. 1966.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Oct. 2001
Data: July 2014

Rev. 14-Jul-2014

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