Fan Gallery Contents: Lee Gold

[photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Aug. 2002] Lee Gold [high-res photo]

West Los Angeles CA
Fanzine fan, club fan, convention fan, filker, gamer

Interfilk Guest at OVFF (Ohio Valley Filk Fest), 2000.
FF: Boskone 44 (2007).

Con Committees: 1994 Westercon, 2002 Westercon; songbooks for ConChord (LA area filk convention).

Filk Hall of Fame, 1997.
Charles Roberts Award, 1985.
Origins Awards, 2000, 2001, for ALARUMS & EXCURSIONS.
Evans-Freehafer Award, 1974 (LASFS).

Founding member, The Third Foundation, editor (1960's).
LASFS - past Secretary.
Member, LAFA (Los Angeles Filkers Anonymous). Barry & Lee handle LAFA's mailings.

Fanzines: THE THIRD FOUNDATION (late 1960s); THE BEST OF APA-L #3; THE BASTARD CHILDREN OF ARGO; KHORLIA (Collected writings of Dave Fox); TOM DIGBY ALONG FANTASY WAY; ALARUMS AND EXCURSIONS (founded 1975); XENOFILKIA (founded 1988); FILKER UP (filk anthology); various filksongbooks, especially those for ConChord. On and off member of The Cult, APA-L.

Other fanac: filksong writing, including "You Bash the Balrog;" roleplaying game writing, some professional, including LAND OF THE RISING SUN, GURPS JAPAN, VIKINGS (for Iron Crown Enterprises).

Lee created the "Poker Chip Bardic" style of filk circle, an attempt to find a happy medium between the West Coast Bardic and Mid-West Chaos styles of Filk Circle, to allow for follow-ups and themes, but still ensure that even the shyest filkers get their turns.

First contact with fandom: ca. 1967.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Aug. 2002
Data: July 2014

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