Fan Gallery Contents: Lee & Barry Gold

[photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Aug. 2002] Lee & Barry Gold

West Los Angeles CA
Fanzine fans, club fans, convention fans, filkers, gamers.

(Both) Interfilk Guests at OVFF (Ohio Valley Filk Fest), 2000. FF: Boskone 44 (2007).

(Lee) Con Committees: 1994 Westercon, 2002 Westercon; songbooks for ConChord (LA area filk convention).

(Both) Filk Hall of Fame, 1997.
(Lee) Charles Roberts Award, 1985; Origins Awards, 2000, 2001, for ALARUMS & EXCURSIONS; Evans-Freehafer Award, 1974 (LASFS).
(Barry) Sampo Award.

(Lee) LASFS - Secretary. The Third Foundation, Founding member and editor.
(Barry) LASFS Board of Directors, 1973-75; LASFS Treasurer, 1974.

(Both) Member, LAFA (Los Angeles Filkers Anonymous). Barry & Lee handle LAFA's mailings.

(Lee) Fanzines: THE THIRD FOUNDATION (late 1960s); THE BEST OF APA-L #3; THE BASTARD CHILDREN OF ARGO; KHORLIA (Collected writings of Dave Fox); TOM DIGBY ALONG FANTASY WAY; ALARUMS AND EXCURSIONS (founded 1975); XENOFILKIA (founded 1988); FILKER UP (filk anthology); various filksongbooks, especially those for ConChord. On and off member of The Cult, APA-L.

(Barry) Editor, DE PROFUNDIS, 1974-75.

(Lee) Other fanac: filksong writing, including "You Bash the Balrog;" roleplaying game writing, some professional, including LAND OF THE RISING SUN, GURPS JAPAN, VIKINGS (for Iron Crown Enterprises).

First contact with fandom: 1966-1967.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Jul. 2002
Data: July 2014

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