Fan Gallery Contents: Lynn Gold

[Lynn Gold photo by 
Jerry Shaw, Nov. 2001] Lynn Gold [high-res photo]

Mountain View, CA
Convention fan, club fan, musician.

Filk GOH: Leprecon 25 (1999).
Interfilk Guest: Counterpoint Three (2000).
Fan GOH: Loscon 28 (2001).

Con Committees: Baycon (Publicity, Music), Westercon (Con Suite, Filking), Silicon (Music), Consonance (Chair, Programming, Publications, Webmistress), Conterpoint Too (Advisor), LACon III (Fan Publicity Staff).

Bid committees: Oakland in '87 (Westercon 40), Philadelphia in 2001 (Millennium Philcon), and Bay Area in 2002 (Con José).

Member of BASFA.
President of Fanfare Music (parent co. of Consonance).

Have thrown numerous parties at cons, especially "@!" and bid parties.

"LYNN GOLD writes and performs her own songs, including "Buy Me a Whale" and "Iguanas (They're Not Just For Breakfast Anymore)," and is one of the net's living dinosaurs."

Photo by Jerry Shaw, Nov. 2001
Data: Aug. 2002

Rev. 13-Aug-2007
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